Sasha questions her relationship with Spencer

Spencer tells Sasha he’s off his meds. Meanwhile, Indi grills Chris on whether he’s a little jealous Robyn hooked up with Kyle. Chris makes an offhand comment about exes, sparking Indi to think about Romeo. Sasha sadly tells them that Spencer’s off his medication again. Roo receives a text message from Maddy saying that she’s OK. Spencer feels isolated, so decides to tell Alf he has Bipolar Disorder. Sasha goes to break things off with Spencer, but he stops her. He wants to control his mood swings without medication. Sasha reluctantly agrees to stand by him.

Dex inadvertently reveals that April made a formal complaint about her previous mentor so Nate tries to get April to make one about him so he can be transferred. April tells Nate that asking her to report him was out of line, but she hopes he gets whatever it is he wants. Nate receives thank you flowers from a recently discharged patient and perks up. On a crusade to make ‘Dr Sexy’ love the Bay, Dex organises a surprise dinner for Nate at Angelo’s and Nate’s touched.

Hannah decides to get her life together to try and win back Evie. Zac offers to get a house together with Hannah. When Zac and Hannah come to Angelo’s for a night out, they’re enlisted to help Nate feel welcome by joining the surprise party. After all, meeting the new doctor might help Hannah fasttrack her return to nursing.

John explains to Jett that when you lose someone you start looking for someone to keep loneliness at bay. Jett makes it clear that he’s okay if John wants to be with Marilyn. Later, Marilyn tells John she knows he’s lonely, but one day he’ll be ready to move on, and when he does she’ll be there.

Also, Indi receives a call from Liam – Romeo has died.