Sasha realises Casey’s in trouble

Tamara freaks out when she discovers Nelson’s in town and asking after her. Casey reassures her that if she stays low he won’t find her but Sasha’s friend Rosie inadvertently gives Nelson Casey’s address. When Sasha finds out she realises Casey’s in trouble and tells Kyle. Nelson arrives at Casey’s place and Tamara realises she has to leave with him; there’s no hope of reasoning with him. Casey tries to stop her and Nelson’s about to get violent when Kyle suddenly shows up and knocks him unconscious.

Meanwhile, Sasha’s suspicious that Rosie never seems to let her meet her family and when she sees her talking to Natalie she realises something must be wrong. Natalie can’t tell her anything so she decides to get it out of Rosie herself. Then Rosie cancels their sleepover, claiming she has to chaperone her little sister at the surf club disco but Sasha insists that she’s coming, too.

John can see that Jett’s struggling with Indi’s rejection and encourages him to go the under-16s disco to meet other girls. He’s reluctant at first but then turns up dressed to kill and seeking Liam’s advice.