Sasha realises Dex and Lottie fancy each other

Sasha realises Lottie has a crush on Dex and encourages him to ask her out. Meanwhile, with Roo’s help, Lottie gets to talk to her father and asks for his advice on how to ask Dex out. Later, Lottie meets with Dex and reveals, in her own geeky way, that she has feelings for him. Dex says he feels the same way and the two kiss.

Gina gives Casey a four-day suspension and mandatory counselling but Townsend isn’t happy with what he sees as a slap on the wrist. He reports the incident to the police and Casey is taken in for questioning. He’s shocked to find that, after his spell in juvenile detention, he could be facing up to five years in jail. Thinking of Casey’s future, Gina asks Townsend to reconsider but the teacher refuses, threatening to go over Gina’s head if she doesn’t back him up.

Hayley tries to borrow some cash from Liam but he refuses, realising it would be spent on drugs. Later, Liam convinces Brax that they need to do something to help her but when they meet with her she shuts them out. Eventually she admits to her problem and accepts Liam’s offer to stay with her until she gets the drugs out of her system.