Sasha returns to drugs

Justin and Sasha both agree their kiss was a one off, but Fletch spots them together and jumps to the wrong conclusion, later telling Sasha he knows about her and Justin. Sasha tries to explain but he won’t listen. Later, Calvin discovers money missing in the house and assumes Sasha has taken it.

Calvin confronts Sasha and they argue, causing her to storm out. Calvin feels guilty when he learns that Valerie took the cash, assuming it was Leo’s. Feeling nobody trusts her, Sasha confides in Fletch and they end up scoring some drugs.

Worried about her HIV test, Michaela admits to Josh that she’s not sure if she wants to know if she has it or not. Josh tells her she could spend her life worrying over nothing and offers to accompany Michaela to pick up her results.

Kris and Darren’s plan to drum up business for The Dog gets competitive, with Kris suggesting that each customer gets a free kiss with every drink. If Kris or Mercedes wins they will get the night off with full pay. If Darren wins, he gets a date with Mercedes.

Also, Tony and Jacqui celebrate their first anniversary, with the day being made even more special when the pair feel Tina’s baby kick.

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