Sasha returns to Summer Bay

Maddy’s pleased John’s changed his mind about training her and Spencer joins in on her lifesaving session. At school they get closer but their friendship’s about to be tested when Sasha arrives back in the bay. She tracks down Spencer, who’s hurt that she was so flippant about ending their relationship, and he’s not sure if they can start again. Maddy confronts Sasha about breaking Spencer’s heart, and the two girls clash. Dex counsels Sasha and she asks Spencer for forgiveness but he pushes her away.

Jett and VJ want to know what’s up with Pippa when Jett overhears Sally and Bianca talking about her illness. They sneak into Bianca’s office and find Pippa’s file. They find Pippa and unwittingly alert her to her illness. Pippa bursts into the Diner asking Sally if it’s true she’s going to die.

Bianca tells Heath that he better learn some table manners before her principal’s dinner. Heath offers to go to the dinner – even though it’s the last thing in he wants to do. However, Bianca’s unimpressed with his attitude and is secretly hurt that he’s not supporting her.

Marilyn knows John’s financial situation and thinks it could be a solution to Irene’s understaffing, but John’s embarrassed.