Margaret catches Sasha attempting to steal the book with an incriminating message from Stu’s room but Sasha manages to get away. Sasha tells Xavier what happened and, riddled with guilt, returns to the Henderson house later to try to explain how Stu died, but Margaret is still too upset to hear her story.

Sid is convinced Margaret has been poisoning Alan and accuses her to her face, but Margaret reveals she caught Sasha stealing the book from her house and shows him the inscription. Though she doesn’t deny attempting to poison her husband, Margaret suggests that a trip to the police wouldn’t be good for Sasha. Later, after struggling with his conscience, Sid makes a report to the police.

Meanwhile, Indi goes on a seemingly harmless date with Logan but he makes a move on her and, though she eventually resists, Ruby has seen them together and tells Romeo. Suspecting he may be losing her affections, Romeo persuades her to try to make their marriage work.