Sasha is left shame-faced when Lauren reveals she saw her steal the laptop from school. Lauren agrees to help Sasha return the laptop, but Calvin catches them red-handed. But when she witnesses Leo’s fury towards her sister, Lauren ends up taking the blame herself. Later, Sasha sleeps with Nige for a hit but she’s devastated when he refuses to give her drugs.

Kieron is pleasantly surprised when Ste returns his wallet to him. Later, Ste is furious to return home to find Michaela revising with Amy and throws her out. Amy braces herself for what angry Ste will do next, but her frightened reaction leaves Ste questioning his behaviour.

Nancy takes advantage of spending a couple of hours with Charlie, and joins Justin when she sees him in Mobs. He feels guilty when Nancy talks about the upcoming custody case, and worries about telling her that he isn’t standing by her in her fight to keep Charlie. Later, Nancy is oblivious as Justin tells a shocked Frankie he intends to support her in the custody battle for Charlie.

Also, missing Steph, Max takes out his frustrations on Tom.

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