Sasha steals to buy drugs

Struggling to cope with her heroin withdrawal, Sasha is scared when Nige demands she pays back the money she owes. With few options, she asks Fletch for help. Fletch promises to get her the money and asks Josh, but he refuses. Desperately needing another fix, Fletch snatches a bag in the village, however, he’s frustrated to find no cash inside. Fletch and Sasha end up stealing a laptop from the head teacher’s office to sell. Later, Sasha feels guilty when Leo gets the blame for the missing laptop – but will she come clean?

Amy is embarrassed that she hasn’t got enough cash to buy nappies but is relieved when Kieron offers to pay for them and anything else she needs. Amy returns home and excitedly shows Ste everything she’s bought, but Ste is livid and his pride hurt. He confronts Kieron, telling him to back off, and as soon as Kieron isn’t looking, Ste steals his wallet and flees.

Myra is attacked in the village but doesn’t realise Fletch is her assailant. She turns to Dom for support and Dom ends up confiding in Myra his worries that he and Tina won’t be able to survive the stress of giving the baby up.

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