Spencer finds Matt sleeping rough and refuses to help the guy who broke up his relationship, but Sasha steps in and invites him to stay for the night. Matt can see Sasha really cares about him, and thanks her for her help. Things heat up and they share a romantic kiss.

Leah is finally well enough to leave hospital but Nate hangs around at home fussing over her. Leah suspects he’s there for another reason and Nate admits he’s avoiding Ricky and the Braxton’s. He later opens up to Leah, confessing that he feels he gave up too easily on his relationship with Ricky.

Phoebe begins her first shift at Angelo’s and she has grand plans but Kyle is frustrated with her lack of basic customer service skills. While Kyle talks to Tamara about how on earth he can fire Phoebe, Chris advises Phoebe to act so incompetently that Kyle will be forced to fire her.

Josh overhears Maddy talking to Spencer about their kiss and storms off angrily. When Oscar offers Maddy a sympathetic ear, Jett warns him to stop meddling but Oscar continues to let Maddy lean on him.