Sasha tells Roo about Spencer’s condition

Sasha’s concerned about Spencer’s erratic behaviour. Meanwhile, Sasha tells Roo that Spencer has Bipolar Disorder and she’s only telling her so she can look out for him. Roo promises not to tell anyone, but Spencer quickly figues out that Roo knows and is angry that Sasha betrayed his confidence.

The handsome journalist is quick to point out the inaccuracies in Marilyn’s made-up history of the bay. The tour is a disaster, but most of the tourists loved Marilyn’s humour. Just when John and Marilyn believe all is lost, Roo reveals the handsome man wasn’t the journalist, he never showed up.

Dex warns Heath to prepare himself for a terrifying scare. Kyle’s keen to help Dex prank Heath and lets him into Heath’s flat. When Heath comes home, Dex hides in preparation for his scare. Heath pulls out his textbook to study, and Dex strikes. Heath pins him down and explains that he doesn’t want Bianca to know about his study, so Dex agrees to help.

Dr Bradley reveals today is her last day working at the hospital – she’s being moved on. April hears about the fiasco with the bus tour, and also mistaking Nate as the journo, accuses him of being a jerk. Unfortunately for her, Nate is the new doctor.