Sasha’s attacked!

Sid saves Alan Henderson’s life when he collapses with a heart attack after the memorial service for Stu, and Sasha hopes her father’s actions will put a stop to the bullying she’s been facing at school. Gina witnesses a poster campaign labelling Sasha as a killer and, realising the problem is only escalating, tries to convince Sasha to reveal who is responsible. Sasha however, remains tight-lipped, even when she ends up being badly beaten on the beach.

Sid’s experience reminds him he needs to get back to doing what he does best – doctoring – and confides in Marilyn that he really wants the job with the Royal Flying Doctors. She, in turn, manages to convince Indi to talk Sasha into reconsidering the prospect of relocating to the Outback.

Meanwhile, John is making a hash of settling into his new home and Gina is furious when she finds out she’s the last to know. Gina confronts him and after a few heated words, storms out. Even Roo’s attempts at conciliation fall on deaf ears…