Sasha’s jealous of Ruby

Sasha’s jealousy flares when April suggests there may be something going on between Casey and Ruby, so April and Dex try to get to the truth by ordering a pizza and grilling Casey when he arrives with it. He assures them they’re just friends and this is passed on to a grateful Sasha. However, Casey and Ruby do seem to be getting closer and he invites her along to the post-exam party Sid’s arranged at Angelo’s.

Meanwhile, Romeo is spending more time at Angelo’s to be with Indi and he’s pleased when she confirms that there is a chance that they could get back together. However, when Indi suggests this to her father, Sid thinks they’re rushing things and asks Romeo to stay away from his daughter, a request Romeo won’t agree to.

At the party, Sasha’s not pleased to see Ruby arrive with Casey and, when Ruby sees Romeo flirting with Indi, her jealousy drives her to walk straight up to Casey and kiss him… causing Sasha to storm out.