Sasha’s Sweet 16!

As a result of Colleen’s encouragement, Dex asks April to Sasha’s birthday barbecue and quickly realises he’s becoming infatuated with her. Roo feels deflated from the Harvey revelations but Marilyn persuades her to join Sasha’s celebrations regardless.

Xavier makes his commitment to Sasha known, though she has different plans – she’s moving to the city to be with her younger brother, Felix. Sid is surprised at the news and makes her promise to stay but, in the middle of the night, Sasha departs, leaving a note for her father.

Meanwhile, Romeo learns of Logan’s present to Indi and he’s concerned. He airs his worries to his wife and is shocked to learn that she’d kissed Logan. They both come to the conclusion that they married too young.

Ruby’s thrilled to hear that the charges against her have been dropped – Steve has confessed. Morag discovers that Brax was involved in Steve’s change of heart and relays the news to Ruby who gets upset, despite Leah’s advice to let it go. Later, Brax tells Ruby he’s going to look after her no matter what…