Saucy sorceress sweet-talks Arthur

First King Uther falls under the spell of a beautiful woman – who turned out to be a troll in disguise. And what stinker she was (brilliantly played by Sarah Parish). Now it seems that, like father like son, Prince Arthur is a sucker for a pretty face. The woman who bewitches Arthur with her beauty is Morgause (played by Silent Witness star Emilia Fox). Beguiling she most definitely is, but she’s also a warrior and a powerful sorceress. And we’ve seen how easily the leading men of Camelot succumb to magic. Merlin is going to have his work cut out protecting the kingdom from someone who can play him at his own game.

Who exactly the mysterious Morgause is and what she wants in Camelot in not immediately clear but she sets in motion a devastating chain of events that the young Prince fails to recognise. Instead, Arthur finds himself embarking on a strange quest at the command of Morgause. And where Arthur goes, Merlin must follow, to clean his armour, feed his horse – and work his magic when it’s needed (and without Arthur knowing). On this journey, though, Arthur uncovers a deep, dark secret that could be the ruin of Camelot.

Merlin’s going to need extra guidance from Gaius and some extra special moves to save his master from disaster…

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