Carrie bundles Scarlett into the car and drives over to Pear Tree Cottage to confront the King brothers when Scarlett is suspended from school after her fees are unpaid. Matthew is unrepentant about Scarlett’s situation but Carl feels guilty about the heartlessness of cutting off Scarlett’s money. Scarlett waits in the car while Carrie talks to Matthew and Carl and she’s intrigued when she sees Jimmy entering the house.

Scarlett sneaks in and overhears Carrie and the Kings mentioning that the late Tom King is her dad. Scarlett is in shock and insists that she wants to get to know her brothers. But Carrie is equally determined to cut off all ties with the family.

Daz is relieved that Jack and Billy have agreed to call a truce and Jack even invites Billy over for a family dinner. While Diane is proud of Jack for putting aside his pride for Daz’s sake, Andy is not so happy about the situation and he refuses to attend the meal. When Billy arrives for dinner, the atmosphere is awkward, but everyone acknowledges that at least it’s a step in the right direction.

Also, Belle holds back her disappointment at Zak and Lisa’s insistence that they can’t afford the money for the school trip to Germany. Instead, she thinks up a new plan and visits Rosemary, dropping hints about needing the money for the trip. Rosemary is more than happy to help out and hands Belle a cheque for the full amount, but Zak feels bad when Belle turns up with it. Zak tries to give the cheque back but Rosemary is adamant that they keep it.