Scarlett gets her ‘wages’ from Debbie and she’s chuffed when Debbie encourages Daz to take Scarlett shopping. Jimmy and Carrie find out that the pair have gone to Hotten together and Carrie is furious. Scarlett is so miffed at Carrie’s interference that Scarlett hints that she’s slept with Daz. A protective Jimmy punches a stunned Daz and Scarlett is devastated when Daz says he doesn’t want to see her again.

Eli delivers a package for Lily and tells Edna it was sent to the wrong address. Lily tells a suspicious Edna that it is a ‘herbal remedy’. Edna later discovers that Eli was lying about the mis-delivered parcel and Lily is increasingly uncomfortable about that her ‘deal’ with Eli will get her into trouble.

Marlon is disappointed when Donna admits that she’s promised to go to both Viv’s Christmas do at the café and the Woolpack party as he was hoping they could spend time alone. But things are looking up when Ross gets Donna out of a Christmas Day shift in return for 350 mince pies from Marlon for the Policeman’s Ball.

Also, Pearl’s friends plot to secretly redecorate Jacob’s Fold for her; Jamie buys some of the Dingles’ meat for the café Christmas party.