Scarlett attends the King brothers’ hearing and Jimmy is touched to see her. The brothers breeze through the hearing and Jimmy takes a few minutes to talk to Scarlett about Tom. Meanwhile, Carrie is over at Home Farm and on the point of signing over her shares to the brothers. Scarlett bursts in with Jimmy and insists Carrie put her plans on hold as she doesn’t want to distance herself from her brothers now that she finally knows about them. Carrie is disappointed with Scarlett’s request but agrees to go along with her daughter’s wishes. Matthew is furious but Jimmy is delighted at the turn of events.

Louise makes the final preparations for the beauty contest and Katie, Jo and Jasmine get into their outfits. Louise is surprised to see Daz yet again and she feels uncomfortable as he’s clearly gawping at her. When Jasmine pulls out of the contest, Daz suggests that Louise take her place and she realises that Daz has a crush on her. Louise confronts an embarrassed Daz, who makes a hasty exit and Louise is left wondering what to do.

Marlon and Donna are delighted when they get a visit from the Dingle children, who help them dig the new house. Donna determines to have the house finished by the summer to make sure that the kids can come to stay in their holidays. Zak encourages Donna’s determination and tells her that she and Marlon make a great team and they can accomplish anything together.

Also, Shadrach decides to make a play for Rosemary when Zak pretends that Rosemary has ditched him!