Scarlett’s fate is decided

Scarlett worries about Chas’s warning to watch her back and she accuses Lexi of using her for her own profit. Lexi tries to calm her fears and promises her that she has Scarlett’s best interests at heart. Lexi, Jimmy and Carl are confident that the solicitors will declare Lexi as trustee, but Matthew seems to have something up his sleeve. The three are left reeling when the solicitor arrives and Matthew is declared trustee! Lexi makes a scene and Matthew bundles her out. Scarlett sees them and is furious and she accuses Lexi of being a prostitute for sleeping with Carl.

Victoria prepares for her court appearance and she is convinced that she’ll be locked up just like Andy. Jack and Victoria return from court with the news that Victoria has escaped jail but will have to see a criminal justice worker and a psychiatrist for a set term. Daz tries to comfort Victoria and tells her that it’s all over, but she sullenly points out that everyone at school thinks she’s mental, Andy is in prison and things are far from being back to normal. Jake later turns up for lunch and Victoria suddenly perks up!

Also, Sandy gets a visit from his friend from the merchant navy, Joe.