The School of Rock

Jack Black stars as a washed-up guitarist who poses as a teacher in this rock 'n' roll comedy

Jack Black staked his claim as the new king of Hollywood comedy in the early noughties with his phenomenal performance here, as a washed-up rock guitarist who talks his way into a job as a teacher. Of course, rock ‘n’ roll is the only syllabus he knows, so soon he has his class of 10-year-olds organised into a band.

Whether plugged or unplugged, Black is a human dynamo. Whirring up a master class in slapstick comedy, he expertly captures both the absurd posturing of rock stardom and its exuberant energy. Daft looks, daft moves and daft lines, he’s full of them – while the fact that he and the kids are all playing their own instruments gives the movie a scintillating raw edge.

Pure genius.