Scott and John Paul have a heart-to-heart…

As John Paul and Scott have a heart-to-heart about their families, John Paul promises to help him have a healthier view of relationships – but he’s surprised when Scott tries to kiss him. Meanwhile, Myra forbids Mrs St Claire from telling John Paul the truth. As Mrs St Claire tells Myra about her experiences, Myra listens like a friend – but she doesn’t want John Paul to get hurt.

Meanwhile, Diego’s out shopping with Matthew-Jesus and panics when the toddler walks off. When Mrs St Claire finds him, it makes her more determined than ever to be a proper parent to John Paul. But when she then overhears John Paul telling Scott his life is better without his dad, Mrs St Claire reassures Myra she’ll keep her identity secret.

As Jade asks Lisa to help her look nice for her date, Alfie’s waiting for his hospital appointment. Alfie lies to the doctor that his family has the norovirus, so she tells him to make an appointment for a biopsy when his dad’s feeling better. Later, Jade’s waiting at The Hutch for Alfie when she gets a text: “I don’t want to hurt you, Jade. But I just can’t do this. I’m so sorry.”