Scott is angry with Cherry

Cherry convinces Simon and Michelle to go to a party. According to Simon it’s fancy dress so Cherry goes as the wicked witch, Simon as a wolf and Michelle as Morticia. However, when they get there no-one else is in fancy dress! They’re all mortified but things get worse for Cherry when Scott arrives. He’s talked to the manager of the club and knows Cherry has been asking questions about him. He’s furious, Cherry is devastated and runs off crying.

Scott finds her and apologises; he knows he can be secretive but she should ask him what she wants to know in the future. The couple go home and Cherry gets sentimental realising this is their first fight. Scott laughs and the couple embrace but we see steeliness in Scott’s eyes; he’s not going to let anything ruin this.

Also, Jack’s friend Psycho Ben bets Jack a whole term’s loan that his ‘older doctor girlfriend’ doesn’t exist.

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