Scott rescues Cherry when she’s mugged!

Scott bumps into Simon at The Mill car park and tells him there are no hard feelings over Simon thinking he might be married. Scott and Cherry envisage an idyllic future together in a lovely country cottage full of dogs, and children. But when Cherry is mugged Scott chases after the thief and overreacts, behaving in a very aggressive way.

Jimmi receives an exciting call from the radio station to say that he’s been nominated for an award. He asks Daniel how plans are going for the botox clinic but Daniel explains that there’s no hope of a decision any time soon as the choice lies with Heston and Lily. Jack returns home to tell his family that he lost a full term’s loan on a bet. A livid Karen and Rob tell Jack he has to move home for the foreseeable future.

Also, Simon is faced with a racist patient at the surgery.

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