Scott is arrested when he trashes Greta’s home!

When Scott flips out, can Mercedes save his bacon in Hollyoaks?

Scott’s heartbroken when his plans to meet his biological family get cancelled. Mercedes finds Scott trashing Greta’s front room, but he accidentally causes serious damage to her home. When DS Thorpe arrests Scott, can Mercedes get him off the hook?

Meanwhile, Louis asks Lisa to talk some sense into Simone about her recent decision. Simone, however, is too preoccupied trying to get an audience with Sally’s date, Councillor Roberta Shaw, to listen. Sally’s furious when Simone interrupts her date, but her anger turns to sadness when events take a tragic turn.

Frankie wants Esther to divorce Kim, unaware Kim’s hidden in the attic at the Osbornes’. Later, Kim sneaks down from her hiding place – will she be spotted?

Also, Ryan panics when Mercedes finds an envelope full of money that’s been hidden away – what’s his secret?