Scott’s meddling has tragic consequences

After Sinead’s slip-up, Scott’s bursting to reveal the truth about John Paul and Harry, and when Scott spies them having an innocent conversation in school, he takes a photo of their intimacy. Later, Scott texts Harry from John Paul’s phone and invites him to meet them on their night out. However, when footballers Aiden and Kyle see Harry with Ste outside a gay bar they attack Ste and leave him semi-conscious on the floor…

When Peri catches Dylan admiring a dress in a shop, she thinks he’s looking at it as a gift for Nico. Later, however, Dylan returns to the shop without Peri and is caught shoplifting the dress!

Kim comforts Grace about her failing relationship with Trevor and they fall into bed together. Grace immediately regrets her night of passion with Kim and tries to get hold of Trevor.

After learning that Reenie will shortly be released from prison, Porsche plans to move her, Celine and Cleo to Leeds to escape their mother. But will Celine and Cleo be keen to move?