Kyle lets Scotty know he’s on to him and Scotty visits Chris again, this time warning him to keep his mouth shut. Georgia would never believe him anyway. Then Scotty lies to Georgia, telling her that Kyle is being moody with him at work. Believing he’s acting out of jealousy, Georgia confronts Kyle and tells him to grow up and butt out.

Sophie is desperate to attend the New South Wales Conservatorium of Music but is worried that Paul won’t want her to move away as his plan is for them to live together in his new penthouse apartment at Lassiters. Rani convinces her to talk to him and is surprised when Paul supports her. Later, however, Paul reveals his true colours when he finds a way to sabotage her application.

Toadie realises he’s just going to have to live with his tattoo but is determined to find out who’s responsible. Sonya puts a positive spin on it, though. With his back injury, invitation disaster and now the tattoo, all should be OK for the wedding.

Rhys’s father Eddie calls wanting to see him and Elaine when he’s in Melbourne. Elaine refuses to see the man who ruined their lives and suggests Rhys reads a stack of letters he’d written to his father as a child… all of which had been returned to sender.