Sealed with a kiss?

Having hooked Mark with her big blue eyes and not-so-subtle walks down memory lane, Faye’s now ready to reel him in… Her bigamous husband finds her in The Woolpack flirting with Jai and can barely contain his jealousy. He later insists that Faye meets him at a quiet spot outside the village. He admits he wants her and kisses her. Faye wants him, too but she has one condition: he has to be single. Hmmm, seeing him tell Natasha that should be fun!

Meanwhile, creepy Nathan’s working on landing Leyla… He invites her and David to a gig, saying he’ll get them on the guest list with Ryan and Katie. Leyla’s thrilled but, not realising he’s playing right into Nathan’s hands, David says he can’t go and gives his ticket to Gennie. But Nathan says it’s too late to change the names on the guest list so Gennie can’t go, either. Leyla’s still up for it, though, as Nathan hoped…

Also hoping to get lucky is Aaron, who has persuaded Paddy to go out while he entertains Holly – with alcohol. When Paddy finds out he races back and takes the drunk Holly home. Where does that leave Aaron?

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