After hearing Steve�s accusations about Sonny and Sean, a furious Michelle storms round to the Grimshaws and demands to know the truth. For once the fast-talking barman is lost for words and nearly admits to the affair. However he soon recovers and insists Steve has jumped to the wrong conclusion. He was merely hugging Sonny outside the club to say goodbye.

Michelle is relieved and accepts this but the moment she leaves, a guilty Sean rings Sonny to tell him of the confrontation. Sonny is pleased and insists they should continue to lie.

Steve is weary when no one believes him and says if Michelle wants to ruin her life, he can�t stop her.

Jamie is getting cosy with Leanne over a bottle of wine as they reminisce about the good times when a knock at the door sours the mood. His landlord wants to sell up and it�s time Jamie moved out.

Sonny is worried the brothers have heard the rumours when they corner him in the pub. However they simply want to congratulate him on becoming part of the family and being a good dad to Ryan. Phew. For now.