Sean and Jack discover Roxy’s pregnant

Roxy is determined to put as much distance between herself and Sean as possible and tells Ronnie she wants to leave the Square. Ronnie tries to talk Roxy out of making a rash decision, but she asks Ronnie to return to Ibiza with her to bring up the baby. Roxy confronts Jack and tells him that she and Ronnie are leaving for Ibiza. Sean bursts in, determined to rough up Jack for getting close to Tanya and Roxy is caught in the middle. Ronnie blurts out that Roxy is pregnant and Jack and Sean are stunned!

Tanya hurries home with the girls and manages to slam the door before Sean can catch up with her. Sean bangs on the door and when Tanya doesn’t answer, he breaks in through the back. Sean accuses a frightened Tanya of sleeping with Jack and refuses to believe her denials. Tanya tries to reason with Sean, who is insistent that he is the only man who can love her properly.

Chelsea is furious that Patrick has invited Lucas round and insists she wants nothing to do with him. Lucas forces Chelsea to talk to him and begs her to forgive him for walking out on her when she was a baby. Lucas invites Chelsea out for her birthday.

Also, Heather is devastated after finding Minty kissing air hostess Melanie and they have a heart-to-heart; Masood tries to find a way out of debt.

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