Sean and Marcus say goodbye to Dylan

As Sean and Marcus spend their last day with Dylan, it’s tinged with sadness. Marcus vows to help Sean through it, but when Maria flippantly suggests they should have a baby of their own Marcus starts thinking.

When Karl accuses Frank of sending Carla to do his dirty work he’s shocked to hear she went to the hospital. He confronts Carla who cracks, claiming the weight of the lie is getting to her. Frank’s aghast as Carla admits she told Peter she was the one driving the car. Furious he claims that if Peter tells the police they both face jail. Carla reasons that she never asked Frank to do this for her, but he insists he had to as he loves her. Wondering if he enjoys holding this over her Carla starts to worry about their relationship. Frank pleads with Peter to back up his lie to protect Carla as the police come calling.

With no Stella, Steve‘s under pressure at the pub and when Amy’s school call to discuss her absence it’s the final straw. Confronting the Barlows Steve reveals he’s had enough – he’s calling the police to get Amy home!

Also, Lloyd is forced to comfort Cheryl as she breaks down over Chris’s illness.

*Second episode, 9pm*

Marcus is fighting tears as Sean prepares to leave with Dylan, but when he bumps into Anna and Faye he’s struck by an idea. Sean’s getting into the taxi when Marcus blurts out they should adopt. How will Sean react after Marcus’s declaration?

As the police question Peter and Leanne about the night of the crash, Peter’s torn between protecting Carla and revealing the truth. Meanwhile, Frank is taken to the police station to make a statement.

Becky isn’t enjoying watching Steve suffer after losing Amy, despite the way they lost Max, and offers words of comfort. Meanwhile the Barlows are relieved when Tracy and Amy arrive home presuming she got their messages about Steve calling the police. But when Tracy refuses to talk to Steve they’re stunned. Deirdre pushes it until Tracy snaps – she’s pregnant with Steve’s baby!

Also, Chris is pleased by Cheryl’s jealous reaction when she catches him chatting to Maria.