Steve’s looking forward to the big night out but he’s put out when Michelle teases him about the loud shirt he’s chosen to wear for the occasion. The lads arrive at the revamped bar and get stuck into drinking and ogling women. Lloyd and Sean enjoy some banter and Sean suggests that they go on to a club later.

On the way to the toilet, Sean bumps into Sonny, who is in full-on flirting mode and attempts to persuade Sean to go elsewhere with him. Steve and the lads get their coats, but Sean is still missing and Steve goes off to find him. He’s astonished when he comes across Sean with Sonny and they’re having a snog!

Meanwhile, Tracy is feeling vulnerable and worries that Steve is going off her when he opts to go out on the lads’ night out. After a few drinks at the Rovers, Tracy heads home, and is irritated to get a call from David on her mobile. Tracy turns on a seductive voice and wishes him a goodnight, but she feels appalled by what she’s been reduced to.

Elsewhere, Tyrone is busy at the garage but he is suspicious about one of the cars that he’s fixing and wonders what’s in the boot… Tyrone and Kirk think that there may be a gun hidden there, but it turns out it’s an old metal detector. Tyrone is thrilled when the customer tells him he can keep it and he’s sure he’ll make his fortune by finding buried treasure!