Sean begins to lose the plot

Tanya discovers a smashed window at Booty and realises it was Sean. Tanya confronts Sean about the damage at the salon. Sean is threatening but Tanya tells him to cool it or she’ll tell Stacey that he confessed to being responsible for their father’s death. An angry Sean later has fight with a drug dealer when he’s working at the club and confiscates the dealer’s stash. Roxy wakes up on her birthday morning and is showered with presents, but they do nothing to lift her mood. Ronnie asks Christian to get Roxy to the club that evening for her surprise party and he points out that Roxy will not be pleased. Jack lets slip about the party and Roxy is horrified. Christian talks Roxy into putting on a brave face and she agrees to go to the party. Chelsea has bought herself a new outfit with Yolande’s voucher, but she promises a furious Libby she’ll replace it. Chelsea goes to the club and flirts with Jalil but he’s more interested in Shabnam. Jalil corners Shabnam and pulls her in for a kiss. Chelsea ses them and is gutted. Also, Ronnie discovers Jack hasn’t been putting all the club money through the books. VIDEO: Catch up with the latest EastEnders action