Sean begs Roxy to let him be a dad

Sean has food for thought when Stacey encourages him to be involved with his and Roxy‘s baby. Sean tries to get Roxy to speak to him, but she refuses. Sean steals a cherry picker vehicle from the building site to get up to Roxy’s window and he pleads with her to let him be a dad.

Darren and Libby plan to lose their virginity to each other. Darren organises a sweet candlelit beans on toast dinner, but Jay works out what the young couple are up to and he deliberately interrupts them. Libby is mortified and runs out.

Meanwhile, Chelsea is furious when an interfering Yolande and Patrick invite her father Lucas for dinner and she insists she doesn’t want to see him. Chelsea bumps into an upset Libby and takes her to R&R to cheer her up. A misguided Chelsea spikes Libby’s soft drink with booze and Patrick is furious with her when he finds a drunk and upset Libby. Chelsea finds Sean and asks him for drugs.

Also, Bradley gets a ticking off from boss Maggie after Sean steals the cherry-picker; Tanya persuades Jack to let the kids have their school disco at R&R; Ronnie decides to trace her adopted daughter.

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