Everyone ribs Sean about his drunken liaison at the club the night before, and Jamie and Michelle are especially curious about his new mystery boyfriend – blissfully unaware that it’s Michelle’s bloke Sonny! Steve can’t resist winding up Sonny by cracking gay jokes in front of Michelle, but she doesn’t twig. Sean doesn’t find it so funny though and later confides in a shocked Jamie. He doesn’t want to hurt anybody, but he can’t get control his lust for Sonny.

Becky’s so desperate to escape her dull hostel that she agrees to go back to work at Underworld for less pay. Carla, recognising the chance for some cheap labour, asks her to recruit some more workers from the hostel.

When Kirk finds an old silver coin with a metal detector, Fiz, Tyrone and Molly argue how to spend their new-found fortune, but their dreams come crashing down when it turns out that the coin’s worthless.

Also, Norris is upset when Rita misses the surprise birthday party he’s arranged because she’s gone on another night out with Doreen.