Sean can’t keep his mouth shut

Sean’s so excited at the prospect of being a dad that he blurts out the news to best friend Jamie. Sean refuses to admit who the mother is, however, but when Violet turns up Sean’s guilty face gives the game away. Jamie congratulates Violet, who is miffed that Sean hasn’t kept his promise to keep quiet about her pregnancy. Violet is unsettled when Jamie questions why she couldn’t just wait until she found a man she wanted to settle down with.

Eileen has had a fun time away in Scarborough with Pat but she’s soon deflated on her first day back at work when Lloyd and Jamie bring up Pat’s wife. Her good mood is further ruined when Jason has a go at her over seeing a married man. Eileen complains to Steve that everyone is putting a dampener on her new relationship.

Cilla is stunned when she is sacked from the chippy and she assumes that it’s rival Jodie’s doing. Cilla storms over to the takeaway to confront her but Jodie gives as good as she gets and points out that she had nothing to do with it.

Also, Chesney has a miserable 13th birthday when Schmeichel goes missing.