Sean catches up with Deano

Deano plots to do a runner from the Square after Shirley promises to help him out with money. But he finds himself in danger when a menacing Sean catches up with him in the tube station toilet. Kevin works out that Deano is planning to run away and he calls him in a panic. When Sean answers Deano’s phone, Kevin realises Deano is at the tube and he rushes to save him from a beating.

Ian is spooked when he discovers that Bobby’s school project has been sabotaged, and Ian is later almost run over by a speeding car. But things become more sinister when he discovers a coffin in the back garden, with a note offering condolences on the ‘death of Ian Beale’…

Phil is determined to win back Ben’s trust and he tells Peggy that he’s off the booze for good. He suggests that he and Ben go for a kick about in the park but Ben is wary. When Phil pitches in to help Ben with his homework instead, they spend a nice afternoon together and Phil asks Peggy if he can move back in.

Also, Billy discovers that Jase has prison record.

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