Sean clashes with Jean

Jean is pleased that Sean has stayed the night and she fusses round him and she offers to make him breakfast. Sean has trouble biting his tongue, but he gets wound up when she brings up Max and Tanya. When Jean discovers that Sean has taken some of her tranquilisers she gets upset and Sean finally snaps. But the argument is interrupted by the arrival of the police, who are looking for Sean in connection with an attack on a young boy.

Ronnie is still irked with Roxy for spending money on a car when they are still in negotiations over the club. Roxy is unconcerned and she refuses to get her money back on the car and she tells Ronnie to stop worrying. Roxy takes Peggy to the wholesalers and Ronnie is annoyed at being left on her own to run the pub. But she’s even more furious when she finds out that she has been gazumped on the club!

Jane returns home from hospital, but she’s put out when she realises that Ian won’t be staying home to look after her when he insists that he needs to attend to his businesses.

Also, Jase quizzes Jay about Terry; Max is fed up of hearing how wonderful Jack is.

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