Sean flirts with Carly in the Vic but he’s annoyed when she tells him to back off. Sean snogs Chelsea in front of Carly in a bid to wind her up, but Carly is more worried about her friend. Carly warns Chelsea that Sean is a no good cheat and blurts out that she slept with him. But Chelsea thinks Carly is jealous and is making it up.

Stacey goes to the Vic with Bradley and learns that Max is due back from Spain. Stacey realises that the only way that she’ll get to speak to Max is if she hides her identity and when Bradley leaves the table to get more drinks, Stacey grabs his mobile. Max answers the call, but he hangs up as soon as he hears Stacey’s voice.

Darren is desperate to find a way to stay in Walford following Keith’s announcement that he wants them to move to south London and he asks Mickey if he can live with him. But his plan is scuppered when an unsympathetic Li tells him that there’s no way she’s living with him and Darren is at a loss about what to do.

Also, Dot mysteriously buys baby George a Christening gown.

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