Sean confronts Ronnie

Ronnie pretends to Roxy that she thinks Sean has stolen money from her as an excuse to go through Sean’s pockets. Ronnie triumphantly produces the bags of drugs she planted on him, sure that Roxy will dump him but Roxy insists Sean is innocent. Later, Sean confronts Ronnie and she is vicious about him. Sean snaps and hits Ronnie and Roxy sees.

Dawn enjoys being flush and she buys herself a flashy engagement ring to replace the more modest ring that Jase gave her. Jase looks worried when Dawn tells him she’s booking the full works for their wedding. Jase and Dawn move into Ian’s posh flat and throw a housewarming party. Jase slips out of the party when he gets a text and makes a mysterious phone call, agreeing to do another ‘job’.

Whitney worries Bianca will fritter away all their money instead of banking it like she promised. But even she can’t begrudge Bianca when Bianca reveals she’s booked a family holiday for all of them in Bognor. Later, Whitney checks her hidden stash – she’s kept some of the money back from Bianca.

Also, Charlie’s reaction to the spider bite was just a panic attack; Ronnie tells Ben to stand up to Phil over what he wants.

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