Sean demands to know who ‘Jerry’ is

Sean confronts Stacey about the texts from ‘Jerry’ and a nervous Stacey tells him that it was the married bloke she was seeing who is still bothering her. Stacey calls Max in a panic and tells him that Sean has seen the texts but she covered their backs. Bradley and Stacey go on their stag and hen nights but Stacey sneaks out of her hen night to see Bradley. Stacey is worried when she sees Bradley talking to Sean and she quickly distracts him with a kiss. Max pulls Stacey to one side for a talk but she tells him that it’s over � she�s marrying his son. Sean hovers in the background and hears everything.

Jase gets more threatening messages from Terry and he’s in a panic when Jay is late coming home. Jase misses his drinks date with Dawn and Dawn is furious despite his apology. Meanwhile, a car pulls up outside the flat and Terry gives a menacing glance.

Roxy is chuffed with the banker’s draft from Damian but Ronnie tells her they should help Peggy pay off her debt. Roxy tells Ronnie that she fancies Jack Branning but Ronnie puts her off. It�s clear Ronnie has her eye on him herself.

Also, Zainab is upset when her son Syed fails to turn up for a meal.

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