Sean discovers the result

Sean is nervous when he finds the empty pregnancy test packet and he confronts Violet. Sean is ecstatic when Violet reveals that she’s pregnant and they agree to have an early scan because of her history. Violet’s fears are soothed a little after the ultrasound reveals her baby’s heartbeat but she tells Sean not to get too excited in case anything goes wrong in the early stages. Sean celebrates with champagne – although Violet gets lemonade!

Paul starts work at the Italian restaurant and tells Leanne that the previous owner was paying over-the-odds for produce. He promises to sort things out and Leanne is relieved that things finally seem to be looking up. Leanne reassures Roger that he can have his money back soon.

Ashley nervously expects Claire home but he’s stunned when he opens the door to Casey, who has given Claire a lift home. Ashley and Claire awkwardly hug, while Casey slips away and leaves them alone.

Also, John offers to tutor Sally when she struggles with her studies; Jerry and Gail come up with a way to monitor the noise levels at the Mortons.