Sean gets lippy with Ruby!

Ruby has really made an effort with Ali’s son, Sean, helping him with his homework and supporting him when he admitted he was being bullied. Her efforts have paid off, too. The lad has started to like her. The trouble is, Sean likes Ruby in that boy-girl way – and he thinks she likes him that way, too! Pushing aside all thoughts of Ruby being his mother’s lover, Sean tries to thank Ruby for all her support by kissing her! Ruby immediately backs away and, humiliated, Sean runs off. But they’ll both have to go home some time…

Charity’s home – and has come back to a broody Jai. He’s had fun looking after Noah and has ideas about him and Charity having a baby together. But Charity’s got other things on her mind, such as Zak and Debbie and work. The last thing she wants to think about right now is having a baby, which leaves Jai with the baby blues.

Megan’s got family on her mind, too: her son, Robbie. Having had time to calm down, she thinks she might get in touch with him. Declan thinks that’s a great idea. But is it really?