The Connor brothers get heavy handed when they hear the rumours about their future brother-in-law. First Liam has a go at Steve about his gossiping, but when the young MacDonald protests it is the truth, Liam begins to wonder. He confides in Paul and the pair call Sean into their office…

He doesn’t take much leaning on before he’s singing like a canary and admitting his scandalous affair with Sonny.They frogmarch the quaking machinist over to the pub and force him to tell Michelle.

Liam catches Leanne trying to break into Janice’s flat, but he doesn’t know her stepmother has given her permission, and she isn’t about to tell him. The pair have a furious row and Liam looks like he’s smitten by this sassy, feisty stranger. And when Leanne later quizzes Jamie about him, it’s clear the attraction is mutual.

Tracy is grateful when David insists he wants to give evidence in court but the Platt brat reminds her, she needs to start showing her gratitude.

Ashley is concerned Claire is becoming too involved with one of her depressed mums.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Michelle refuses to take in Sean’s confession and asks her brothers if this is a wind up. However, as Sean begs for her forgiveness, the enormity of the lies and the betrayal hit home. She reacts by hitting Sean and then racing back to the flat to have it out with Sonny. Finally he’s straight with her, and admits he is bisexual. He insists he loves her though, but she’s had enough and ends their relationship.

David tries to pin Tracy down to a date to do the dirty deed because he’s fed up with waiting. If she wants his services in court, then she has to provide her services now. He’s taking Wednesday off school and this is her last chance to sort out somewhere private for them to meet so he can get his reward for acting as her witness, or else the deal is off.

Liam and Leanne are flirting like crazy, but the Battersby ballbreaker, refuses to agree to a date.

Rita tries to get back into Norris’s good books by taking him out for a birthday meal.