Sean gives Ali and Aaron the runaround

Sean’s a young lad whose mum, Ali, has left his dad for another woman, Ruby, and moved him to a village in the middle of nowhere. And he’s not happy about any of it. He wants to get away from his mum and chooses the garage as his refuge. Aaron’s amused by Sean and Ali’s family feud, but he’s not happy when Sean later gets under his feet. As Aaron tries to send Sean on his way the boy falls and cuts his head. Mother Ali roars in to protect her cub, but ends up apologising for her son. Looks like she’ll be doing a lot of that…

Cain’s been tormenting Moira a lot. Hmmmm, he’s like the naughty boy who pulls the pigtails of the girl he secretly fancies. Except they’re both adults (although not mature in Cain’s case) and he’s not pulling her hair, he’s taunting her over their secret deal for the 4×4. Moira follows Cain into the pub toilets and gives him a slap – but a move like that is foreplay to Cain.

Laurel is another tormented soul. She can’t ignore her feelings for Marlon and with Sandy watching her more closely than he would a pint of ale with his name on it (yes, that closely!) she’s feeling more than a little scared.