Carly’s date with Warren goes well, until they’re left alone at Pat’s house. Warren turns nasty when Carly refuses his attentions and she narrowly avoids getting hurt when Sean turns up and intervenes. Carly realises Chelsea set her up and, fuming, she tells Sean to sort out his girlfriend. There’s a moment of sexual tension between them and Carly leans in for a kiss…

Bradley is worried about a missing Marge and he’s sure that the guinea pig has met her maker. Stacey helps Bradley find a replica of Marge in the hope that Abi won’t notice, but Dot discovers two guinea pigs in Marge’s cage – it seems Marge has come home of her own accord!

Dawn sulkily tells Rob that she’s hurt that he seems reluctant to marry her. Rob is fed up with Dawn’s nagging and slips out of the flat for a pint. In the Vic, Rob sees a great-looking May come into the pub with a handsome date. A morose Rob gets drunk and returns to Dawn and tells her that they’re too skint to get a new flat.

Also, Dot decides to give up smoking. Keith wants to move to south London with Darren.

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