Sean realises that Billy knows where Ronnie and Peggy have gone and he threatens Billy and baby William. Billy is forced to reveal that they’ve set off for Weymouth and Sean steals a car and follows them. Ronnie and Peggy stop at a roadside cafe and have a heart-to-heart and Ronnie opens up about her devious dad Archie.

Peggy and Ronnie are left in the lurch when their jeep is stolen and they are forced to hitch the rest of the way. Meanwhile, Sean is closing in on them as he pulls up at the same service station. Ronnie and Peggy turn up at a plush mansion and Ronnie is floored when the door opens to reveal Roxy – and their dad Archie…

Phil goes to the beauty salon where Suzy is working, but the woman there is evasive. Phil leaves but when the woman is attacked by a mystery man he dives in to save her and receives a whack round the head for his trouble! The woman turns out to be Suzy and she’s relieved when Phil gives her the money from Max. Suzy asks Phil to take her to Walford as she’s in big trouble.

Also, Aunt Sal arrives at the Vic to keep an eye on Billy.

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