Sean is on the edge

Sean makes a run for it after Stacey’s unexpected appearance. Stacey helps Gus from his bonds and is terrified that Sean has finally lost it when Gus tells her that Sean was planning to kill him! Stacey sets off to find Sean and discovers him broken and brooding at the playground. A worried Stacey convinces Sean to return to the Slaters with her.

Ronnie demands to know what Jack and Roxy were talking about but Jack makes his excuses and leaves, while Roxy does her best to placate her sister. Later, Ronnie worries when she hears Sean trying to offer Roxy some drugs but she is relieved when Roxy chucks him out. Roxy feels guilty as Ronnie tries to comfort her.

Ian finds out that a girl matching Lucy’s description has been seen on a housing estate and he and Jane set off to find her. Ian is horrified when he walks into the flat and realises that it’s a crack den. Ian breaks down in a mixture of disappointment and relief when he discovers that the broken and drug-addicted ‘Lucy’ in the flat isn’t his daughter.

Also, Steven is brokenhearted when Christian rejects him and lies to Ian and Jane that Christian tried it on with him…

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