Sean lands Carly in it

Charlie is suspicious when Sean turns up with a wad of cash to pay his rent. Charlie’s black cab has been in Carly’s care at the garage and Charlie works out that a devious Sean borrowed it the previous night. Charlie confronts Sean and Carly defends him but she realises what Sean’s been up to and she’s angry with him for putting her in a difficult position.

Ronnie and Roxy are pleased that their new menu at the pub seems to be going down a treat but they’re riled when Ian launches a meal deal at his cafe to tempt their customers. The girls pay a visit to the pet shop and release some mice into the cafe. Ian realises that he’s been had when the environmental health inspectors turn up and he steals the Queen Victoria bust from the pub to teach the girls a lesson.

Honey is giving Billy the silent treatment after his outburst about Jase, but she softens when he surprises her with flowers. But it looks like Billy’s blown it when he later has another run in with Jase and Honey catches him!

Also, Tanya gets a worrying call from her sister.

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