Sean makes a move on Tanya

Sean finds Tanya’s purse while clearing up the morning after the girls’ party and he uses the opportunity to visit Tanya. Sean returns the purse to Tanya at the salon and finds her in the middle of a crisis as the electricity has cut out. He offers to help her out and she’s dismissive, but she’s later forced to give him a call when Preeti forgets to call out an electrician.

Tanya draws close to Sean as she holds a candle for him to work by and Sean starts flirting furiously. Tanya is stunned when Sean admits that he knows she and Max are seeing a marriage guidance councillor and he thinks he’s in with a chance! Max bursts in and demands to know what’s going on.

Stacey invites Max over when she gets the place to herself and she’s annoyed when Max insists that he can’t stick around for long. Stacey hides Max’s phone to prevent them being disturbed by Tanya and Max is not best pleased when he finds out.

Stacey blanks Max for the rest of the day and, keen to get back on her good side, Max leaves a saucy message for Stacey on her mobile. Sean listens as Max leaves the message and he realises that Max isn’t talking to Tanya…

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