Sean makes his getaway

Patrick is still lying on the floor of the Minute Mart surrounded by a pool of blood when Chelsea and Deano find him and they call for an ambulance. Carly finds an uneasy Sean outside the car lot when the ambulance pulls up in the Square. Sean tells Carly that he found Patrick before Chelsea and Deano but he was worried that he’d be blamed for the attack.

Meanwhile, Chelsea and Deano claim they saw Sean leaving the Minute Mart just after the attack and they give a statement to the police. But Sean is nowhere to be found.

Ronnie and Roxy relaunch the pub menu at the Vic but they’re stunned when they learn of Patrick’s attack and they think it will be bad for business. Roxy gets a bright idea to bring the punters in and she puts up a banner offering all food for half price. Ronnie is sceptical but she’s in a better mood when business is soon booming.

Tanya isn’t enjoying her wedding anniversary as she’s still obsessing over Rainie and she tells Max that she can’t believe that Rainie chose the money over her own sister.

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