It’s Boxing Day in Holby and Sean quietly seethes as he watches the footage of his wedding to Jessica. It’s clear he’s not over her and while exchanging gifts with Amelia and Lucas, Sean causes trouble between Jessica and Adam by giving her a present. Later Sean shocks Adam and Zoe when he reveals he’s Henry’s new right-hand man.

May’s father puts her under pressure to accompany him to the staff Christmas function and openly admit that she’s his daughter.

It’s an emotional day for Noel when he goes to visit his father, who is suffering dementia, in his retirement home. He discovers his Dad, David, doesn’t recognise him but is very friendly with another visitor, Jimmy – played by Irish comedian Sean Hughes.

Ruth finds out her heroin-addicted brother Jonathan has stolen her savings. Jay offers her a shoulder to cry on but she rejects him. Again.

At the Christmas party May is outted as the dean’s daughter to the disgust of Lenny and Yuki. Ruth and Jay end up going home together. And Sean attempts to force himself on Jessica. Adam comes to her rescue and punches Sean, who is disgraced in front of his colleagues.

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